I've had my Gargoyle Gecko (Sprite) for almost 4.5 years. I got him when he was around 6 years old back in 2014 and he was the breeding male at a reptile shop.

Anyway, for the last 2 days or so he's been hiding away under a log in his vivarium and I went to check on him today. I managed to pick him up but he clung to me and didn't really move all too much. It was only when I was away to put him back after about 2-3 minutes of handling that he began to move. It just seems very unlike him. Even at night, he's usually wandering about his enclosure. I have checked for dehydration and this doesn't seem to be an issue but I don't think he's eating as much as he normally does.

He's now sitting on top of the log now (as pictured) as I popped him back in the enclosure after the handling session.

The temperature in his viv is normally between 70 and 80F and at the moment it is 75F. The humidity is normally around 50 to 70 and at the moment it is 65.

I would really appreciate any comments or advice you can give me.

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