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    Default Dalmatian vs Super

    I've been wanting a nice dalmatian for a very long time, however the few adults I've seen have been quite pricey. I found this little fella and instantly fell in love.
    The guy I purchased him from told me he was indeed from super stock and would most likely be considered a super. Now, I've always been told "if you have to ask it's a no" and then I've been told over 100 spots could be classified as super. From what I've been able to count, he's conservatively got over 120.
    I also know that as they age they typically gain spots. This little cutie weighs in at a whopping 5 grams at 5 months.

    So what do you all say; super yay, or super nay?

    Also I have other pictures, for sure reason my phone was being with and wouldn't let me upload them.
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