Hey there everyone
A few years back i saved a year old Veiled Chameleon Girl and cared for her for another 6 years. After spending alot of time, money and effort on nursing her back to health and taming her, i like to think i gave her a good life and that we had fun together. She turned from brown greyish to nice vibrant green and yellow even when handling her.

After that i sold my self built Terrarium due to lack of time (which i now have).
Now, from a friend, i got a Glass Terrarium. Its 150cm long 50cm wide and 90cm high sooo about 175 gallons?

Now im looking to set it up. Just havent quite figured out what i should set it up for.
I was thinking about Leopard Gecko's or something of the sort.
Or maybe a cresti or two but i read that the enclosures should be at least 100 cm high.
I know its not worth the risk and or hassle of keeping two or more in one enclosure so i figured i might put in a seperator and make 2 enclosures out of the one big one. Any Thoughts on this?

Im not looking to rush anything. Im just looking to get more info at this point. Even once i decided it will be at least a few months before i actualy look in to getting a animal. I made the last enclosure bioactive and i think I will be doing so again.

Any Ideas, thoughts, hints or help would be appreciated!