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Thread: My cresties breeding group for this and next season + hatchlings

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    Default My cresties breeding group for this and next season + hatchlings

    Hi! I'm a new breeder from Poland and I wanted to share my plans with you. I'm open for all sugestions!
    My first breeding group is:

    Male - I love his vivid, orange back! When he is fire up, his sides are almost black which gives beautiful contrast.
    Name:  37340875_2120812321577143_2944700032781123584_n.jpg
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    Name:  37274227_2120812644910444_2413367030137749504_n.jpg
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    First female - My favourite geck ever! I hope she will give us light yellow/cream babies.
    Name:  37365311_2120814064910302_7934632246030368768_n.jpg
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    Name:  37355585_2120814464910262_6746691051265720320_n.jpg
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    Second female - Can you please tell me if she is furred? She got a lot more scales on the back than others.
    Name:  37526163_2120813674910341_7178479691378982912_n.jpg
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    She has great fringing!
    Name:  37340833_2120813214910387_3779461088928595968_n.jpg
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    And the derpiest smile ever :>
    Name:  37346184_286381435266299_89759104179896320_n.jpg
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    Male with the second female gave us already two healthy babies, look at them!
    Name:  37357024_2120815474910161_1594568473348931584_n.jpg
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    Name:  37303468_2120814714910237_9021439158681337856_n.jpg
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    We are waiting for babies from second pairing.

    For the next season I would love to pair light yellow female with my second male - he is truly a fire dragon:
    Name:  37282130_2120816028243439_6581692336332341248_n.jpg
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    What do you think about my plans? I'm hoping for some fringing, light yellow colours and red spots (First male got some) but I'm sure I will love all the babies that they'll gave <3

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    Hi, and welcome! I'm not a breeder, so can't really offer much in the way of suggestions, but just wanted to say that your cresties are beautiful! You should get some really pretty babies from t hem.

    I am wondering about the pins that you called "fur" - I haven't seen those very often, so hopefully someone can enlighten me on these little nubs! Is that called a specific type of pin?

    Again - best of luck with your breeding program! Glad you shared!
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    Gorgeous Geckos! Especially your second male O.O

    Your Second lady does look like she has the furry? trait (I believe that's what it's called) For those who don't know, the furry trait is associated with a cluster of dorsal scales along the dorsal, as opposed to pinstripe which is a single line of dorsal scales


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