Hello there all!
My Name is Katie, I live in Florida, and I've been lurking for years but I've only recently decided to join the forums
I moved last summer and started college, so this summer will be my first free summer in a bit, and I'm going to be upgrading my gecko's pretty plain 12x12x18 into a bioactive 18x18x24, so I'm joining to hopefully share my progress and ask advice from those who've gone before me

I've got a male crestie named Roy (he'll be 6 years old this august)
Here's some pictures of my boy!

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(These are from when he was a wee little guy, somehow these screenshots are the only surviving pictures I have of him when he was that small)

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Those photos are also a little outdated, I've since gotten him some more leaves and one of those little gecko hammocks (which he seems to enjoy knocking down)

Sorry all the images are sideways, I can't figure out how to flip them. They're all rightside up on my laptop but they got flipped when i uploaded them :u