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Thread: Bug bomb in reptile room advice please!

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    ok so ill be getting my hands on some comfortis to use with the frontline they already have on them and we won't do a bug bomb. We bought some Adams plus flea spray that our vet reccomended so were gonna see how that works. We used to foster kittens at my moms house years ago and they'd always come in with fleas and I never remember them being this bad!! Haha I guess it's just going to be a long battle my boyfriend and I will have to fight thanks for all your advice everyone!
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    I am a firm believer in vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! When we moved into our new house last summer, it was infested with fleas, and all five cats, and 2 dogs were covered. We did a very strict schedule of vacuuming EVERY DAY (in the basement it was the worst, so sometimes twice a day) (a shop vac will be your friend! More powerful than a typical vacuum cleaner, and the hose is great), flea combing all the animals daily whenever possible, giving a bath, then waiting two or three days before applying Advantix/Advantage (which we used every three weeks rather than every month). We used diatomaceous earth in the basement, (WONDERFUL product) and we were flea free in three months. It sounds severe, but to really get rid of the problem, and do it without causing any potential health issues in the long run (I refuse to use any kind of bug bomb or chemical bug spray in the house), daily vacuuming and combing etc is your best bet. I hated even using the Advantix/Advantage, but the natural stuff we were using wasn't cutting it with the number of fleas this house had *shivers*. HOWEVER, the natural stuff is working very well to prevent fleas/ticks from hoping on now that there aren't any in the house

    Also, wash dog bedding daily, vacuum the sofa, under couchins, etc....fleas jump on the pet to feed, then typically jump off to lay their eggs, and actually the vacuuming helps the eggs hatch (which you want, because then the fleas are easier to suck up/will die off from the flea treatment on the dogs!) And don't give up after a week or two, their life cycle is longer than that, so it'll be a few months at the minimum (we gradually reduced the amount of vacuuming we were doing to just every other day, and they still were taken care of) And remember, if the fleas are jumping on YOU it's a good means they are starving because their usual host (the dog) isn't appetizing anymore

    Good luck!
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    Ah yes, I forgot to mention washing the sheets/drapes/cushion covers and just about everything you can constantly on the hottest cycle. When puppy Gert had fleas she would jump in the bed and drop flea dirt everywhere... which would actually made little blood spots on my sheets. I lived in a one-room log cabin in TN built in the 30s, so it got crazy humid in the summer. The flea dirt would just... absorb moisture and make those spots. Gross!
    Flea baths absolutely did not work. It killed some, but others would just run around on the dog to places I couldn't get to. And I couldn't get water in her ears, cause that just risks an ear infection.

    I don't think there is a comfortis product for cats, unless it just came out.
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    Have you tried dietamacious earth? All natural and safe and repels fleas and other bugs home depot has it called insect dust :-)
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    It's an old thread, but I hope you didn't flea bomb your house. I did it once and it killed all my plants in the house. Yeah, I know, silly me.
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