I have trained my leo to eat dubia roaches. They're easy to maintain, don't smell, don't chirp, can't escape, and for one dubia roach fed, it would take 5-7+ crickets to get the same nutrition because of the difference in the meat-to-shell ratios. I also offer occasional crickets and mealworms, but for the most part he's now on large dubia roach nymphs.

Honestly, if you hover craigslist you can get some awesome deals on supplies. My leo is in a 10 gallon tank I got for free, with paper towels as a substrate, a couple of hides that cost $10, a heat mat I bought off CL for $8, and a reptile hammock I bought off CL for $4.

I also keep crested geckos, and they are neither more nor less expensive to keep than a leo, IMHO. They're housed in 10 gallon tanks set vertically(freebies on CL) using tank clips($4), with paper towels for substrate, paper towel tubes and fake plants from thrift stores for hides($4 and under), and are fed Repashy's Crested Gecko Diet with occasional dubia roach nymphs for treats.

I love both species equally, I just happen to have more cresteds at this time. I am probably going to get a hypo snow leopard gecko sometime in the future, maybe two girls I can keep together.