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Thread: Spasms

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    my crestie did that once but with its tail start shaking mad crazy
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    Default Leopard gecko leg spasm

    Quote Originally Posted by monster View Post
    i have seen geckos twitch (it does look a lot like spasms) after they take a big leap and land on hard floor. i normally see only the back legs and tail go crazy, not all 4 yet. i assumed it was shock.
    My leopard gecko just did this. I was sitting in my bed with my palm of my hand open not restraining him as to not agitate him then he bursted right out of my hand. He ended up landing on my carpet which is a lot soften than landing on hard floor. Did your end up living long after this incident or did it died few days or weeks prior. I am worried for his health he is one of my breeders and none of my geckos have done this before.


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