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2 Crested Geckos with housing for sale

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  • 2 Crested Geckos with housing for sale

    I have 2 crested geckos, one male, one female I am looking to sell ASAP, includes Exo-Terra 18x18x24 tank, various fake plants, Repashy gecko food, small temp tank to put the geckos in while cleaning the Exo-Terra tank, dirt/poop scooper, Exo-Terra Monsoon, temp/humidity gauges (I think that's it). I use paper towels for the flooring because it's much easier to clean. I bought everything for around $750, give or take. I am looking to sell EVERYTHING for $500 OBO. I'm from Queens NYC, so I'm looking to sell locally (NYC/Long Island/Westchester). I don't wanna have to ship anything. Must sell everything ASAP due to moving. Thank you.

    Here's some pics I took today.