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Professionally sculpted Mini figure Gecko! Who wants a casting? :)

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  • Professionally sculpted Mini figure Gecko! Who wants a casting? :)

    Hi guys!

    A little about my work; I am a 32 year old professional artist with some studio (special FX and video games) experience, and freelance/contract work experience. I am a designer, and sculptor mainly but I also illustrate, paint, and do moldmaking and casting (using a pressure pot). I am mostly a traditional artist but I am learning more and more digital as I can to become more well rounded. My main passion and goals are to push my original work however far it can go, and for a little over a year now I have been developing my own independant toy series which I am also making a comic book for!

    I am currently hard at work on my own original mini figure "art toy" line, making the originals in clay, and then producing them in a sturdy plastic resin. The series is called "Amusing Mini Paranormals" (AMP), and is inspired by the 1 to 2 inch monochrome mini figures of the 80s and 90s (M.U.S.C.L.E. men, Monster in My Pocket, etc.). The art style I'm most inspired by are the vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys (NOT the new stuff..the old crazy sculpts with very detailed characters!). That being said, since I got my first crested gecko back in August....cresties are now my favorite reptile! I decided to make one of my AMP characters a crested gecko! Plus, I cannot for the life of me find any already existing crested gecko toys or figures! TIME TO RIGHT THIS WRONG ! He is in the works and I will probably have him done (sculpted, molded and cast) sometime next month (February 2015).

    I am posting this in advance to see who may be interested in ordering one once he's done, since it won't be too long. He will be just under 2 inches tall, and the castings will be $12.00 to $12.50 each depending on if you order a regular color, glow in the dark, or color change. The reason for this price even though this is a small figure, is the resin to cast them in costs me hundreds of dollars, and figures always need post casting work once they come out of the mold. It's a labor of love, but it's very time consuming and expensive to make these available. These are "art toys" .

    What are they made out of? Unlike most resins, I also use a extremely durable rigid resin called "Task2" that has a durability similar to ABS plastic. My pieces are cast in a pressure pot (by me), and come out looking very professional since I have had years of trial and error. The resin does NOT contain any harmful substances like mercury either. Figures will always stand up straight on your desk too! I have done durability tests as well, by throwing figures onto hardwood breaks! These are "toys" of sorts, so I wanted them super sturdy to feel as authentic as possible.

    Click image for larger version

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    Above is a photo of the early work in progress! The character's name is "Cliffhanger Crestie", and I have been using photos of my pets as reference . I am extremely excited about this figure! It's still a bit blobby now, but he is basically an action/adventure themed crested gecko! The gun will be a grappling hook gun once finished (it's only blocked out here), and his clothing is similar to Indiana Jones. When complete he will have very fine detail work including scales. Please refer to my thumb in the photo to get an idea of how small he is. He will also be fully 3D and stand on his own, I always build my figures in halves at first for technical reasons, which is why he's flat on a plastic lid. If you may be interested in a finished piece please let me know and I can add you to my contact list (which is already growing from a facebook crested gecko group I am on, lol!). Knowing in advance helps me pace myself for how many to cast once the sculpt is done. Color-wise I can cast in any solid color, and have a few options of different color glow in the dark and color change pigments. If you may want one, please leave a post here and let me know...that way I can PM you and call it to your attention once I have the sculpt completed!

    Below is a photo of my first 12 figures (completed castings), to give you an idea of the level of detail these guys have in their complete forms. For the crested geckos I will probably be casting them in a rusty red color, yellowish-tan, and olive green for starters, but I can take color requests . The smaller characters in the photo are sidekicks btw, that I sell for $6 each...but the larger figures are within scale to Cliffhanger Crestie! If you have any interest in buying any of the already existing characters to accompany him once he's done, they can be found in my store, here. --> and you can follow all AMP news on the facebook page here. -->

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for looking guys, even if you are not interested in buying one, please share your thoughts! Feedback is always helpful .

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    Someone has just informed me that nobody can reply to posts in this section of the please send me a PM if you are interested and I will reply to you ASAP!


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      I posted a thread for discussions here for anyone interested in the creative process! .