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Wanted! Leachianus for purchase/info

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  • Wanted! Leachianus for purchase/info

    Hey y'all, so I'm looking into getting a R. leachianus and I already know all about their needs and so on.

    I just want to know more about the locales and sizes associated with them. That is why I want to get one. I currently have a crestie and he's doing great! If you can direct me to some awesome links or already existing leachie threads I'd appreciate it!

    So some questions what are the smallest of R. leachies and what is that size? I know the large GTs can get to be about 13"-14" snout to vent on the very high end.

    If I was to say right now what locales stand out to me are the very dark kinds and the very green/reticulated patterned ones. I just love how flappy their skin is for camoflauge

    If you are a breeder in Southern Ontario, Canada or somewhere near Detroit or Buffalo please get at me! I am in Toronto, Ontario. Looking to purchase a baby leachie as they tend to be cheaper.

    Thank you!