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Wanted: Lavender Crested Gecko!

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  • Wanted: Lavender Crested Gecko!

    Alright, alright. I KNOW it's really hard to determine colors in cresties, especially "lavender", which often is applied to cresties who just... don't fire much.
    What I am seeking to purchase is a pale gecko who fires up to a lovely pinky-gray color that is still fairly pale. I have one like this already that I got through a friend who found him at a reptile convention, and I adore him. I'd love a similar female to breed him with in a few years, but honestly, I'd just like more geckos in this gorgeous color, so I'll look at males & juveniles (but that are old enough that the color is faaaairly determinable) as well. I'm not picky about morph or traits.
    I know it can be difficult to photograph colors accurately but I'd LOVE to see what's out there that's even close to this, and I am definitely willing to pay for a nice quality baby. I have a great exotics vet that I can use if there's ever a need, & I am also willing to make travel plans to pick up unless shipping is absolutely necessary (as long as it's within a day of driving, I'd rather pick up; I live in Georgia, USA).
    If you or anyone you know may have a gecko even close to what I'm looking for, please let me know!