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  • New to leopard geckos

    Hi, my son has a leopard gecko . We got him approx 2 weeks ago and have just been informed he is very under weight and his tail too thin .

    We think he is approx 10 months

    We are trying to feed him up but he never seems very interested in eating . When he does his poop is quite running and appears his food hasn’t digested properly .

    His viv in the warm area taken from the ground temp is at around 30/32c and a cooler end of 26/28.

    He is very friendly and happy to be held.

    We have tried him on a mixture of food - crickets , locusts and dubia roaches . He loves wax worms which we have been using to fatten him up and make him interested in food and won’t touch mealworms!

    Our questions are :

    is the tank the right temp ? (it is always hotter within his warm hide compared (33) to the ground outside

    where should we be testing the heat with the probe?

    What’s best to feed and how much should he be having ?

    Any reason for the runny poop ?