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Winter Sale! (Crested geckos)

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  • Winter Sale! (Crested geckos)

    Shipping weather is coming up in a few weeks (hopefully) so I'm having a sale to get these guys out when weather permits. Put any of them on hold with a 20% non-refundable deposit. Prices do not include shipping. Sale ends 3-06.

    AC Reptiles 10.2g male $150 (was $200)
    Very interesting color. He has a red tint and I've never really seen him darker than this.

    AC Reptiles 11.3g male $75 (was $100)
    Red/buckskin with some interesting white, red, and black spots.

    AC Reptiles 13.4g probable female $145 (was $175)
    Very nice pink color and wide dorsal.

    AC Reptiles 6.5g male $120 (was $150)
    Gets a little darker than this.

    "Mad Max" 4.2g male - $65 (was $85)
    Tinder x Tully
    Pore sexed male.

    "Walnut" 3.7g unsexed - $50 (was $65)
    Tinder x Tully
    no pores visible.

    "Highness" 3.8g unsexed - $60 (was $75)
    Tinder x Tully
    Not seeing pores.

    "Teacup" 3.6g unsexed - $70 (was $95)
    Tinder x Tully
    Not seeing pores. This one looks like it's going to have huge spots!!
    Element Geckos
    Rachel Squier

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    Looks like shipping weather will be here next week! Only a few days left for the sale.
    Element Geckos
    Rachel Squier