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    Decided to let go a few of my boys this year. I have an over abundant amount of pretty boys, and simply can't keep them all.

    First up is Tabernacle, this man is so awesome. His cream pops like crazy, and his sides have this cool orangey coloration. He's weighing around 43 grams. Asking 125 + shipping

    Here's a cool kid I picked up from L.A.C. herps. I was so hopeful that "he" would of been a "she". Typical. regardless, he's a great yellow phantom pin with cool white markings on his sides. Roughly around 41 grams. Asking 80 + shipping.

    Wonderful pin male from pangea. This guy's head is huge. I was going to have him breeding with a number of my pin girls, but decided to switch projects around. Around 45 grams, asking price is 140 + shipping.

    Mocha is by far my favorite gecko. It's hard for me to let him go, and because of my affection for him his price is a little high. He has produced some of the coolest kids ever. Yet I have so many sons, daughters, and grandkids. He's from acs lavender lines, and fires up a wicked black and white cream. Whoever buys him will be sure to throw amazing kids no matter what he's paired to. Roughing 46 grams, asking 200 + shipping.

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