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Adult Female Crested and Babies for Sale

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  • Adult Female Crested and Babies for Sale

    I will be posting through the weekend with hopes of shipping one or two days next week.

    First up is Hazel, a cinnamon 4.5 year old adult (lineage unknown). She is about 65g depending on eggs or not. One of her babies from this year is in the ad and hasn't picked up spots. $385.00 plus shipping

    Next is a Weezy baby. You can see a pic of her on our FB page. It's 6g and $95.00 plus shipping.

    Then we have a Bombay baby at 3g. Bombay is from Bertopia Geckos. $75.00 plus shipping.

    Last up is Hazel baby at 6g. Great white coming in with a deep red base. $75.00 plus shipping.


    Thanks - Mike
    A Bros Reptiles
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