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Looking for a very friendly/interactive lizard (doesn't have to be a gecko)

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  • Looking for a very friendly/interactive lizard (doesn't have to be a gecko)

    Hey everyone I just recently cleaned out my room and opened up some more space. I'm getting a metal wire rack to keep my geckos on, and I want to add another animal to the group. I also have a little sister (6 years old) that adores all my little ones. I don't let her handle them much of course, but they all seem to like watching her from the cage.

    Anyways I'm looking to add another to the group, just as a pet, preferably an adult. I'd like a very friendly/interactive lizard, which is kind of hard to find but every animal has his/her own personality. This lizard will be well taken care of, gender doesn't matter, and I'll consider any species. This one will really just be for me, mine are all young (7 months and under) and i'd like an adult that's already tame and that actually seems to like handling or interacting with people.

    *It does not have to be a gecko, I'm open to anything really.

    I'm not really sure how hard it is to find a lizard like this, but I figured this was the best place to look. Thanks for looking at this post. Please reply on here or PM me with anything that you have with a picture and a price. And I'll probably ask a few questions about its behavior. And please only reply if you have something to sell, I already know that bearded dragons and other larger lizards are more interactive, but I'm on here to see all my options.

    Thank you,