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Super dals (Dalmatians) plus Halloween

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  • Super dals (Dalmatians) plus Halloween

    Weights are approximate because I don't have a gram scale and have to do conversions.

    1. This dal fires up bright red and has a nice amount of black and red spots. Hard to find a deeper red. Is a very pale, pink color when not fired. Nice wide head and nice crests running all the way down his back. 30g: $300
    *Fired up pictures are not mine:

    2. Produced by Scaredy Cat Geckos, this guy may not have a tail, but will make up for it with his big black and red spots. His spots will increase in quantity and size as he gets older, 7g. $250:

    3. Halloween male. 20g. He's stunning when you can actually get him fired up. He's very laid back and will sit on you and just hang out. The only downfall to his chill personality is that it's difficult to get him fired up because he doesn't care about much. But, even if he doesn't flaunt them, his genes are still there! Nice big head on this guy too. $150:

    4. This guy is out of the same parents as #3 (can you see the resemblance?), but 10% of his size. $125:

    5. If genetics don't fail us, this one should also end up a super dal, getting new spots every day (he hatched with only 1). Now it has at least a dozen, with the spot on its eyelid being a pretty big one for its size! I'm sure he will continue to gain spots with every shed. Fires up orange, 2g. $125:

    $50 flat rate shipping to 48 contiguous states. Free shipping with the purchase of two or more, plus discount on multiple purchases!

    For locals, I also have a 40-breeder aquarium with black wooden cabinet stand. The stand is an extra tall, to bring the shallow tank closer up to eye level. Nice size for a breeding trio, or put a divider in it to house two, side by side. $140

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