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Group of Proven Female Cresteds

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  • Group of Proven Female Cresteds

    I have three past breeders for sale as a group deal. Each of them have produced some great offspring and have been great pets. I'm selling them for 400 shipped.

    First up is Pickles. She's weighing around 48 grams, and is about 2.5 years old. She bred this year and could still be gravid. I purchased her from a breeder here on pangea, no lineage.

    Then there's Ash. A very nice red flame, had her since hatchling, and I can't say I have any lineage. Purchased from a local breeder. This was her first year breeding. Weighing roughly 45 grams.

    Finally, there is Mama. This girl is probably around 6-7 years old. She didn't breed this year and is weighing around 52 grams.

    I will separate at 150 each plus shipping., the group price is just a deal. I do have other females/ males for sale. If you buy one female get a male half off!

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