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Crested Geckos - TINLEY SALE!

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  • Crested Geckos - TINLEY SALE!

    TINLEY SALE! Reduced prices since I want to get some more geckos! Make me an offer!

    I have a few crested geckos available below. I can arrange for shipping when the weather is right or we can arrange for local or Tinley pickup. Send me a message or email if you see anything you like!

    Sex: Unsexed
    Pairing: Jewel x Hestia
    Year: 2015
    Weight: 1g
    Price: $100 + Shipping **Tinley sale!**
    This is another amazing baby from my Jewel pairing. Half sibling to the other hatchling in this album. This one looks like its dorsal will look a lot like mom's, but I bet it will have amazing laterals like dad. This guy will be really nice.

    Parents (Two on the right):

    Sex: Unsexed
    Pairing: Jewel x Minerva
    Year: 2015
    Weight: 2g
    Price: $100 + Shipping **Tinley sale!**
    This gecko is going to get better and better as it grows. It already is showing white in its lats and its dorsal cream is impeccable. Structure is amazing on this one. Has a lot of potential for any high-contrast project. And check out that WIDE dorsal! This is the first hatchling ever released from my star male Jewel (parent pictures below).


    Sex: Male (Proven)
    Year: 2012
    Weight: 30g
    Price: $150 + Shipping **Tinley sale!**
    Produced by Will Bedard. All of Will's geckos are big and brawny. Dion has patented the massive gator head. His dorsal is high contrast yellow with white in there too. His base is a beautiful orange color. Would do great to spice up any harlequin project. Offspring picture in comments.

    Offspring from last season below

    Levi Storks
    Your Everyday Reptile - Small crested gecko project based in Michigan!
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