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    Hi Pangea! This is a quick (ish) post requested by the mods on behalf of a friend of mine. I know many of you won't recognize me. I was never very active on the forums (something I desperately want to change). But any help would be HUGELY appreciated.

    I recently had to move out of state on very short notice. I was not able to take all of my geckos with me and wasn't able to find homes for most of them before I needed to leave. My friend (forum member MattBold) agreed to give the ones I couldn't take a temporary home, but he cannot keep them long term.

    This post is to verify that he is selling geckos in relation to my move. He has the geckos that are for sale and is the point of contact for all sales of the geckos I had to leave behind.

    Please feel free to PM me if necessary, and Mods, please let me know if there is anything else needed so that my friend can post. Thank you very much!