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Need to re-home my Harlequin Crested Gecko's ASAP.

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  • Need to re-home my Harlequin Crested Gecko's ASAP.

    Unfortunately circumstances have come up that force me to re-home my two cresties. Long story short, we were broken into, actually it was a home invasion since my wife and our two boys were home when they broke in. Everyone is safe and they only took my wife jewelry box which didn't have anything too valuable in it. The worst part has been the PTSD this has caused for my wife, so we're listing and selling our house to move a few towns over where she feels we'll be safer. The problem I have is that we're having a home built but they won't finish construction on it till November, so were going to rent till then. The apartment complex were moving to will only allows cats and dogs for pets (two of the most destructive animals you could possibly own, I really hate ignorant people)!

    The male (Neo) is 29 grams as of 4/12/15 and in excellent health, he has lost his tail but he fires up nicely at night and has some nice side pattern. The female (Trinity) weighed 33 grams also on 4/12 and has her tail, she has not yet begun to produce eggs.
    We keep them in separate enclosures as I did not want them getting any ideas yet.

    Trinity, I know she's not the greatest example Harley, but she's really sweet, not jumpy at all.

    I don't have any pictures of Neo at the moment but I'll get some of him tonight and add them on.

    I'm willing to do $175 for the pair shipped overnight anywhere in the lower 48 states, or if you're local to Raleigh/Durham NC I would drop the price to $150 for pickup. I'm not interested in splitting them up.

    Thanks for looking. Jeff

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    Grabbed a quick shot of Neo since he was out and about last night.

    How about a price drop for $150 for them both shipped.


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