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0.2 O. p. coxi for sale. Thai Bamboo ratsnakes.

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  • 0.2 O. p. coxi for sale. Thai Bamboo ratsnakes.

    Captive bred coxi hatched around June 11th 2014. Just had their third consecutive F/T meal. Both great eaters! Both being offered right now are females.
    SxA61114-1 hatched June 11th with a hatch weight of 11 grams. Asking $200 plus shipping for her.

    SxA61314-3 hatched June 13th with a hatch weight of 9 grams. Asking $200 plus shipping for her.

    The Dam, also CB. NFS.

    The Sire, CB as well. NFS.

    More pictures available by request. Full Terms and Conditions below.

    Terms and Conditions

    Payments may be made through PayPal, Square or in cash if done in person.
    You can make payments through PayPal without having an account. If you are unsure how to make a payment through PayPal, you may request that we send you an invoice through there, that will include easy to follow, step by step instructions. We will need a valid email address to send one.
    Animals must be paid for in full before they are shipped/delivered.
    A deposit of 25% of the purchase price can be made in order to put an animal on hold.
    Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Animals can only be placed on hold for 14 days unless other arrangements have been made. If animals are not paid for in full by the end of the 14 days the animal is placed back up for sale and deposit will not be refunded.


    Shipping is through Ship Your Reptiles (SYR) via FedEx Priority Overnight. Depending on the size of the animals being shipped, if more than one, it may be possible to combine shipping to help save costs. We will only ship if the temperature at both the destination and origin is between 38F and 85F, this may vary a bit depending on the species being shipped and what they can tolerate.
    Shipping is only done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Package must be shipped Hold For Pickup to the nearest FedEx shipping hub, unless other arrangements have been agreed to. Please check your local laws. We will not knowingly ship animals anywhere that it is against state or local laws.
    Shipping charges are the actual amount charged by SYR and usually runs between $45 to $65.
    We will need your zip code to provide an accurate shipping quote for your area.


    There is a 48 hour health guarantee. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a buyer's husbandry. All snakes will have eaten a minimum of three meals of appropriate sized frozen thawed mice unless stated otherwise prior to purchase. All claims regarding health must be made within the 48 hours and have documentation by licensed Veterinarian and/or photo. We are not able to guarantee that the snake will eat within the 48 hour period nor is it recommended to feed a snake within 48 hours of receipt. Snakes, and other reptiles, do require an adjustment period with little to no handling of at least a week to get accustomed to their new surroundings.

    There is also a live arrival guarantee. The forecast temperatures on the date of delivery must be between 38F and 85F. There must be an adult available to receive the package on the first delivery attempt, if being shipped to a residence has been agreed to, or package must be picked up at a local staffed FedEx station by end of day. If both of these conditions are not met then the guarantee is void. In the unfortunate event that an animal is DOA please contact us for info on how to document it. You must contact us about a DOA within 12 hours of delivery or guarantee is void. Once we receive documentation, the cost of the animal will be refunded minus shipping. Shipping is not included in the guarantee.


    Due to differences in monitors or other screens, and the variable nature of the animals themselves, no guarantee is made on the appearance of the animals. Despite that, we make every effort to get accurate pictures and are willing to attempt to fulfill any reasonable photo request for angle, lighting, etc. along with fired or unfired states of the geckos.

    We reserve the right to change our terms at anytime without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
    Too many snakes! 20 species and counting. Crested geckos 2.2 Gargoyle geckos 0.2 Chihuahua 2.2 evil cats.
    Elemental Exotics Terms & Conditions