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  • Gecko Collection for sale updated

    Have to get rid of some of my awesome geckos because they don't fit into the breeding project for next year, and I am running out of room :/ I am willing to take reasonable ***offers*** on these guys, (so if you like them, just offer what you can afford, and we will seee ) and I will also ship if weather is decent. Please make offers!!! I really want to ship these guys before it gets too cold!! They will be perfect breeding geckos for next season, I am also willing to give a discount if you want all three, they would go great together if your intersted in golden dalmations.

    Hades, Gorgeous gecko, I have never seen anything like him! If kept warmer this winter I believe he will be ready to breed next year. He also has some pretty awesome crests on his head.

    Elektra, This gecko is awesome! I can give an accurate wieght if intersted. When fired up is SUPER gold, and has a lott of spots

    Mighty Aphrodite, Unfortunately she does not fit into any of my breeding plans, and I need to downsize the collection. If interested I can give an accurate wieght. Her tail was nipped, but fully healed now. When fired up she has red tiger stripes!! REALLY AWESOME!! I am very sad to let her go. Also has a lot of spots!

    Thank you for looking
    I'm not really interested in trades b/c I need to make room, and money, but mostly room!
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    I really need to make room, so taking offers!!!


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      These guys are awesome!! ALL very bright yellows, with lots of dalmation spots!!!


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        Last bump!! I would really like to ship these guys before it gets cold. So im taking offers still!!