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Unsexed Striped Baby Gargoyle, Tank and Extras for sale

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  • Unsexed Striped Baby Gargoyle, Tank and Extras for sale

    Unfortunately I have to part with my Garg Meeka. He has been great the past 2 months but, I need extra money for my dog who needs surgery. I don't have the time or money to take care of Meeka like she should be taken care of. I'm looking for someone with experiance and knows how to care for this little guy/girl.

    I am asking 225.00 for him and all included below. Pictures will follow tonight as soon as I get them downloaded online.

    1. Unsexed Striped Gargoyle Gecko (I named him Meeka)

    2. Exo Terra 18x18x24 Glass terrarium with background cork.

    3. 2 containers of Repashy gecko diet one is banana the other mango.

    4. Pangea Med Hideaway magnetic

    5. Pangea Magnetic Mushroom ledge cupholder plus cups included

    6. Pangea Magnetic Vine cluster

    7. I have two 6ft vines and some leaves for the large tank.

    8. Also the shoebox container meeka is living in. He seems to enjoy it also has a temp and humidity guage included along with the vines and bark he lays on. He was going to go into the big tank once he got older.

    *Tank was only used for 2 wks then i moved him to a shoebox he has been doing great in that. I spray the shoebox once or twice a day for humidity. The large tank has a humidity and temp guage already on the glass. Everything you need for this little guy is listed above.

    Asking 225.00

    I live in Jim Thorpe, PA will drive up to so many miles to meet you if interested. Unless you would perfer to come here that is ok to.


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    pics of what I am selling

    Here are 5 pics I'll have to list more in the next post. They only allow five uploads at a time.
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      Continued items..

      Here are the rest of the pics. please contact me at if interested.
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        BUMP ^ Price Just reduced to 225.00 that's my lowest I can go...