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Last Chance to buy them before Craigslist!

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  • Last Chance to buy them before Craigslist!

    FONT="Arial"]Well I am officially getting out of crested geckos. They are all healthy and are CGD and Dusted Crickets. I will be using for shipping. Please send me a PM with your zip code for a shipping quote. I would like to sell these guys to people on the boards, but I haven't had any luck with that. So, this is my last post on the boards to try and sell them. If I can't sell them here I will put them up on Craigslist.

    Dalmatian Male 34 Grams & Proven $85

    Green Flame Male 40 Grams & Proven (Minor Tale Kink) $70

    Orange Dalmatian Pinstripe Male 35 Grams & Proven $125

    Tiger Baby Hatched 6/09 $25

    Dalmatian Flame/Harley Baby Hatched 6/09 $40

    Marshall Wygant

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    Female Flame 17 Grams $110

    Unsexed Pinstripe $145

    Unsexed Flame (Has Kinked Neck & was told by Repashy that it would be fine) $75

    If you have any questions please let me know. I need to get rid of all of them ASAP!
    Marshall Wygant


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      Marshall Wygant


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        final bump...taking reasonable offers. i need them all gone.
        Marshall Wygant