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4 Month old Veiled Chameleon for trade

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  • 4 Month old Veiled Chameleon for trade

    I need something friendlier for my daughter I thought he would be cool but I don't really find them interesting so for sale or trade but preferably trade. Lizard only

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    It would probably helpful to know where you are. Chameleons are difficult reptiles to care for; they are not very hardy. Please research several different kinds of easier-to-care-for lizards before you make a trade, so you know what you are getting into. As a suggestion, bearded dragons are generally very friendly, diurnal lizards and are pretty hardy, but also have some special needs as far as space, heat, diet, etc. Cresties are great, but they are crepuscular and sleep during the day, so your daughter may not see them much, if you are wanting one to interact with her.
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