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Problem with crested gecko eggs nativity

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  • Problem with crested gecko eggs nativity

    Hello everyone,
    first what i must say is sorry for my english, im from czech republic and my laguage is on basic level. I have problem with my eggs, which i deal with maybe 6 months and still i not have a result. I have pair of crested gecko - male Kirra, 34g, 1,5 y. old, female Monkey, 45g, 1,5 y.old. They have every 5 weeks eggs, now i have from 08/21 last eggs, aways 2 eggs, always pure white, but ... Again and again, always in hatch time death now. 6 x 2 egs - 12 eggs, just one is alive - have 1,5 months, it is our little Godzilla I found every egg in incubator "poops" or without poops, last 4 eggs was have a "hollow" at hatch time - if i see it, i know, thats late. We talk with a lot breeders at czech republic, on breeders meetings, search at internet, talk with seller Monkey, and nobody have result. We are very frustated, because its too much death, its for me very hard still bury every month a little deat geckos.

    Incubator is 15x10 large plastic box with classic substrate without fertilizer, first 8 eggs was at vermiculit, we change it and have little Godzilla, but next eggs still death. Plastic box have plastic casing with hole, and all box is placed in 20x20 box from polystyrene, in front grid and up too. At incubator i have thermometer, humidity is on 70 - 75%, temp is 20 -22 C. Substrate is humid, but no wet (if i have substrate in hand and press it, sticks but no drip, if you understand, im sorry). I dont know, where is problem, in eggs, in mom, in me.

    I will be glad for every respond, i do somewhere mistake and i dont know where.
    Thank you for all and again - im sorry for my english.
    Great day for all,