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  • Viper Geckos/ Carrot tail Geckos

    I need to know as much as I can please and thank you? Any advice would be great we also have 2 eggs as of today 🤗

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    Originally posted by DragonmotherXO1 View Post
    I need to know as much as I can please and thank you? Any advice would be great we also have 2 eggs as of today 🤗
    Just finding this but what would you like to know?! These are a little hard to find a good caresheet for but this is the best one i've found. It's a little outdated as the understanding now is that red bulbs aren't a great idea. Link

    I have a trio and am still waiting on my first hatchling (ANY MOMENT NOWWWWW) but the things I've learned so far are these. They need a lot of calcium while laying and if you feed prey items that the calcium doesn't stick to well that can be a concern. Crickets and dubia seem best for this for laying females. They don't seem to lick up calcium powder like leopard geckos do. A wide range of food sources can be fine. Mine seem to love mealworms, small dubia, and small crickets. For babies you'll need Fruit flies, "pin head" crickets, tiny "mini mealworms", Bean beetles/weevils....REALLY TINY prey. As i'm guessing you've realized by now, the females lay pretty often... I had one of my two females who seemed to have issues after a few clutches and needed some supplemented calcium. I gave her liquid calcium glubionate and it seemed to resolve her symptoms but she's still working on building her body fat back up. Her TAIL has always stayed plump and I'm told that if the tail starts looking deflated that's when you need to worry. If you have even a few geckos having some calcium glubionate on hand isn't a bad idea. It's kinda a treat all for most common Gecko/reptile ailments. You can buy a small bottle here here but keep in mind that the dose for geckos is VERY small. About one drop for a full grown crestie so a viper gecko a tiny speck. Obviously even the small bottle would last a long time and there is a shelf life of about a year after opening. Keep them well hydrated at all times, but pay close attention when using any liquid calcium as it can be a little irritating to the kidneys. Fresh water at all times is important.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, let me know. I will try to find an answer if I don't already know.