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what's up with my leachie's tail/vent?

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  • what's up with my leachie's tail/vent?

    here's a picture for reference:

    a week ago I rehomed a ~3 year old leachie, who I was told is a female. she was originally kept in a tub with paper towel as the substrate. 2 days ago I moved her into a 40 gal with reptisoil as the substrate. I keep my room between 72-75 with no additional heat on the enclosure. i mist twice daily. I've been offering various pangea diets twice daily, and she's keen to clean her cups. any additional husbandry info will gladly be provided.

    haven't handled her much, she's jumpy and rather vocal, although thankfully not a biter (yet)

    the first night on the new substrate (which was last night), she did burrow into a corner. I haven't found eggs, although I didn't really look. I didn't notice egg lumps when I took her in, so I'd be surprised.