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  • Wheezing??!

    Just got an older crestie last week. She was kept in a sterilite tub with 2 large cross ventilation cutouts on the sides. I noticed yesterday that she had a slight wheeze when she exhaled, so I made the lid 95% screen mesh. She def wheezes; it is not chirping.

    Otherwise, she seems to be ok. Sheís quite timid and hides a lot, but licks her bottle cap clean! She also likes her crickets

    The past 2 nights, I lowered her temp to 68-70F (from 73-80F) to discourage her from laying eggs. The breeder I got her from said a couple weeks ago she laid some eggs. However, sheís underweight at 32g, I donít think sheís the right weight to be breeding.

    Iíve never had a crestie with health issues before. Will the wheezing pass now that her tank humidity will go down? Do I need to raise the temp (is she cold)?

    Iím trying to find a herp vet knowledgable with geckos. Thereís one I found, but itís a 5.5/+ hour drive from me and the commotion might stress her even more. Would appreciate any advice anyone can provide until I can find a local vet. Fingers crossed letting her tank fully dry out and raising her temp will fix this issue.

    Temp: 68-80F
    Usually 75-80F, but yesterday and today I lowered it to discourage egg laying

    Humidity: 50-100% RH
    I mist heavily at night and lightly in the morning. Until yesterday, her tank was never fully drying out (75-100% RH)

    Substrate: bioactive ABG mix with leaf litter and spaghnum moss on top

    All plants are real. Sheís got a bamboo tube, cork tube, and a cork hideaway in addition to foliage hiding spots. She also has a tropical 5.0 UVB light thatís on 12 hours during the day and extra phosphorus-free/Vit D-free Calcium to lick. Housed alone.

    Iím going to put a bromeliad in there with water so she has a water source. Iím not going to mist tonight, let the tank dry out (my room is 20-35% RH). Itís got plants and moss so Iím assuming the lowest itíll get is 35% RH. Iíve also raised the room temp to 75F, and added a small heating pad on one side (which sheís already snuggling along the wall). Hopefully with these modifications, sheíll be OK. appreciate any suggestions others might have based on your experiences. I really hope slight wheezing (like a person wheezing) can be reversed quickly by drying out the tank and raising temps slightly.

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    Can you give us an update on how she is doing?
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff