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Crested gecko with swelling around eye

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  • Crested gecko with swelling around eye

    I have a somewhat stunted but otherwise usually healthy crested gecko; he's two years old and about 19-20 g at the moment. His growth has been slow his entire life, but it is steady (and I have tested him for parasites recently). Other than the very slow growth, he seems healthy; eats almost every day, poops, moves around in his tank, and tolerates handling quite well.
    Tank temperature is about 23 C mid-way up during the day, about a degree cooler at night. It's warmer near the top, closer to the (LED) lighting, which is on 12 hours a day. Not above about 25-26 C (<80 F), though.
    Humidity is always 55%+ and very high after misting; I mist heavily every evening, and let it dry up a bit during the day. I haven't changed any routine or similar recently; the only change at all is that he's gotten Pangea's "Fig and insects" since 2 weeks, though I went back to Watermelon/mango two days ago to give him variation.
    He only eats Pangea (various flavors, complete diets only).

    Just this evening I noticed that his right eye had swelled up. Not the eyeball itself, but the areas around it. The left eye seems okay.
    This must have happened very recently, because I tend to notice small changes in him easily, and I look often. It most likely began today or the night to today; it definitely happened in the last 7 days, as I have a picture from last Monday where the right eye looked normal.

    Behavior-wise, I did catch him hiding in his usual sleeping spot (behind a bark-mounted air plant) in the evening, a few hours after dark, which I thought was unusual.
    A few hours later, he was still close to that spot, but a bit more in the open; I thought it was odd, and looked him over, then took him out to look closer, and in more light.


    After a bit of searching here, I found this thread ("Overcoming an unusual eye issue") which looks very similar to me. Would you agree?

    Any ideas what's going on here? Infection? Could he have hurt himself in some way? There's nothing obviously dangerous in his tank.

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    Do you have an exotics vet you could try? It sounds like this part of the post that you referenced:


 On the 28th I scheduled an appointment for a second opinion with a different vet. He told me to stop the eyedrops immediately and seemed pretty upset that they were ever prescribed. He worried that they would only cause more irritation and inflammation of the area, and were definitely not going to help my gecko. He took my gecko off of the antibiotics and the eyedrops and instead prescribed Baytril. He said that it was definitely not an infection or an abscess and that it was just fluid trapped in his Harderian duct, which explains its fluctuation throughout the day as the fluid drained and refilled."

    Maybe take a copy of that post along?
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      I had actually talked to a vet even before this thread was accepted by a moderator. (Having to wait for that is rather annoying!)

      The swelling went down by itself by the time I had finished taking pictures and posting this thread, but I couldn't edit/add anything about that before the thread was accepted.
      Later that same day I had a video call with a exotics vet regardless, to ask if I have to do anything at all if it doesn't come back.
      She agreed that it was likely a Harderian duct blockage, and that I shouldn't worry about it unless it comes back, in which case I'll contact them again.