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Malnourished Crested Gecko

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  • Malnourished Crested Gecko

    Hey everyone!

    On the internet, I have recently come across someone who wants to sell her crested gecko female at a considerably low price. Due to the pictures of the animal, I gained the strong impression that this gecko was malnourished; there are faint signs of her ribcage showing, and she has very twig-like arms and legs as well as almost no skin where her “shoulders” are. (Her head is also kind of “deformed” – not as broad as other geckos’, but rather snake-like. I don’t know if that’s also a sign of malnourishment, or just how she looks like.)
    In a later conversation with the owner, I also found out she was being fed almost exclusively live insects. God. (I didn’t want to push it and ask whether the owner powdered them with calcium, so that could also be a big issue.)
    Her cage was also looking very dry. The walls were made of compressed wood, with no live plants and no visible substrate.

    After seeing all this, I decided I wanted to buy this gecko, as I was very worried she might not find a new home or be handled to someone who’d just continue the bad treatment. However, I have never kept a gecko before – I have only planned to do so long since, and done a lot of research, but I am nevertheless quite clueless about many things in this situation. The top questions I wanted to ask you were:
    - I will receive her via shipping. Should I wait until it is warmer than 3°C? Maybe her lack of fat will make her more vulnerable to low temperatures? Or should I get her asap?
    - How can I nourish her back to health as quickly as possible? Should I give her a little more calcium than usual, or is this a very bad idea? What else can I do besides feeding her tons of Pangea?
    I thank you so much! Please also understand that I don’t want to upload any pictures of her yet, since I don’t want the owner to stumble across a blogpost in which I portray him like this. Kind of paranoid, I know, but well. If you want to, I can upload photos as soon as I have her.

    Thank you guys so much!

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    I'm really really recommending that you do not get this gecko. I think it can be really discouraging to get a first reptile that may need specialized care and/or may have a disease that has caused it to be in this condition, become attached to it and then have it pass away. That said, it's your decision. There are ways to safely ship reptiles, though recommends that they not be shipped at all if the temp is below 37F. If this person doesn't know how to care for the gecko, I doubt they know how to ship safely. Please think about this very carefully.



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      Dear Aliza,

      thank you very much for your reply!
      (The notification landed in my spam folder, sadly, so sorry for my late answer.)
      I will think about it again.