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  • Worried For My Crestie

    Hi all, I got my new Crestie, Tater Tot, a week ago. He's 2mo old, 3 1/2in long (head to tip of tail). He's temporarily a 10gal with paper towel substrate, food and water dishes, a tall plant, a rock hide, and a small patch of moss. I've been monitoring closely, but he doesn't appear to be eating. I have tried Pangea powdered food, baby crickets, and wax worms. He hasn't pooped at all as well. I thought that it'd be normal for him to not eat for the first few days as he settles in, but it's been 7 whole days and I'm worried about him. I've only seen him in the tall plant twice, and one of those times it was him jumping from my hand to the plant. Otherwise he spends all his time under the moss. I have read that it can take a few weeks before they start eating and if he was an older crestie I wouldn't be as worried about it yet, but he is still a baby.

    Is this normal? When should I start really getting worried that he's not eating? What other ways can I try to get him to eat?

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced

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    It's normal. It can take up to a month for a crestie to be comfortable enough in his new "apartment" to start eating. You're feeding him just fine. Try not to handle him for a while yet as he adjusts. You might want to try to put two feeding stations in his enclosure, one high and one low. Usually they do not starve themselves if there is food available. No need to panic.
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