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Mysterious Crested Gecko Death

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  • Mysterious Crested Gecko Death

    Hello! Iím posting on here to try to get some answers so I can maybe move on from this situation and get some closure. I own many geckos (that I take pride in) and have owned and bred geckos for a few years now. All my geckos are very healthy (chubby, active, and of course naughty). Everything has been great but today upon doing the rounds and checking on everybody (I pull everybody out to get a good look at them once a day to make sure theyíre okay and for some love) one of my geckos was unresponsive. She was kinda limp and floppy and her eyes were sunken as if she was sleeping but she wasnít dead she was still moving a bit. I pinched her skin a bit and realized that she seemed a bit dehydrated so I immediately gave her unflavored pedialyte and put her on a low setting heat pad just to make sure she was warm enough. It was about 10:00 at night and no exotic vet would be open so I figured Iíd take her in the morning. Sure enough she sprung back to life and was back to her usual self! She became conscious and just was acting like she normally would so I put her in a QT tub for close monitoring and went to bed. Upon waking up I found her dead with vomit and a bit of blood on the paper towel. I have no idea what happened she hasnít ever acted strangely at all, she was a healthy weight, ate fine the night before, etc. Sheís never displayed any issues within the year Iíve had her. The only thing that has happened would be last night I was sleeping and I woke up and it was a little extra cold so I went ahead and opened the vents and turned the temp up but when I checked on all the geckos they were doing alright (still are). Iím paranoid so I individually checked over all the other geckos and theyíre luckily perfectly fine. Any ideas on what could have happened would be amazing!
    Setup/How geckos are kept:
    -plastic sterilite tubs w/ holes and screen windows
    -lots of vines from reptile shows
    -72-75 degrees (72 being absolute lowest, 75 being absolute highest)
    -fed varieties of Pangea foods supplemented with D3 Calc
    -crickets or dubias dusted once a week
    -misting 2x per day
    -all juveniles through adults are kept living separate
    -no substrate all paper towel (she has never been on substrate in her life)

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    One of mine died suddenly a few months ago and I had a necropsy done at the vet. She apparently had an aneurism that bled out into one of her ovaries. They'd never seen anything like that before.

    Anyway, it could be something random like this that there's no way of predicting or preventing. The only way to know for sure would be to have a necropsy done.
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      You're doing everything right, so it could have been just a flukey thing that would never happen again. Treebiscuit's right, the only way you'd know for sure is a necropsy. I'm sorry that you lost her.
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