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Unexplained Death - 12 year old female

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  • Unexplained Death - 12 year old female

    I found one of my females dead last night.

    12 year old June was roughly 50 grams and quite pudgy. Last Friday, I noticed she still had shed stuck on her and since I was going away for the weekend and didn't want to risk her losing any toes, I gave her a warm sink bath. She was her usual squirmy self and gave me the wide open mouth threatening pose. I could see her calcium sacs were nice and big.

    She had never been bred, but she lived with two other females. Occasionally I'd find dud eggs while doing a deep clean.

    Is it possible she died from complications from being gravid? 12 seems a bit young for a seemingly healthy gecko to die of old age. Has an age limit been determined? I've had her since she was a year old.

    I'm just hoping she didn't suffer.

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    It would be really hard for us to say. It could be she was it possible she may have fought with her tank-mates? I have heard that cresteds can live 15-20 years, but mine is only 8, so I don't have any personal experience with that. If she had a good life with you, I guess that's the most we can ask. I am sorry that you lost her early.
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      One of my females died at age 5 a few months ago on the way to the vet -- she had been fine one day, but in the morning she was pale and listless. The vet did a necropsy and found that she had bled out into one of her ovaries. It was so weird that the vet posted pics on a reptile vet forum to see if anyone else had seen something like it.

      Sometimes our pets die of freak things that we can't do anything to anticipate or prevent.
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        Thanks you two. It is just so frustrating not knowing. :/

        TAD, there were no wounds on any of the females, so I'm pretty sure they didn't fight.
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          Just a point of reference, you should never give your gecko a bath in warm water. If it feels warm to you, it's going to be hot for your gecko, possibly fatally so. They can't handle sudden temp jumps and do not like heat. If you must give your gecko a soak, use a tupperware with a paper towel in it, soak the paper towel with room temp water, and let the gecko sit in it for 10-15 minutes. After that, you can work loose stuck shed with a q-tip or very, very carefully with tweezers. Depending on how the shed is stuck, soaking can actually make it harder to remove. The shed will just become stretchy and will break easily. Always try to remove it first without soaking.

          In this case, if she did not shed fully on her own and that's atypical for her, it's likely she had something off with her before the shed.