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  • Gutloading dubias

    My gargoyle, e. agricolae, and Cuban false chameleon all like dubias. What are some of the best things I can give the dubias to gutload them? I dust with Zoo Med's Repti Calcium, but want to make sure I'm making healthy choices for gut-loading as well. I keep a colony of about 250 dubias, and we shop every 2 weeks, so it's hard to keep fruit and veggies fresh that long, and in quantities that work for that small amount, and still have some variation.

    I bought some Grub Pie and Grubs 'n' Fruit, but none of the geckos seem to like it much; would it be OK to feed that to the roaches?
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    I feed my dubia chick starter, and small amounts of various fruits and vegetables. Many people come up with various complex recipes, but I don't know that it's based on any solid research. I don't feel that complex recipes are necessary.
    I've never understood why the term "gutload" is necessary. I know what it means, but don't people normally feed their insect cultures nutritious items on an ongoing basis?