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Egg mold? Embryo on bottom, yolk on top?

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  • Egg mold? Embryo on bottom, yolk on top?

    The egg in question is about a month old. From what I understand in normal eggs the embryo will develop on the top side of the egg with the yolk underneath it. But the embryo in this egg is on the bottom which is where it was when I found it in the laybox. It has been looking odd to me, like the part of the egg where the embryo is sitting is very thin and you can see the red through it, that is when I took the pics. Now today I noticed some white moldy tufts on the egg. Does that mean this one is dead? 😞
    P.S. My cat somehow accidentally knocked over my laybox a few days ago, could that have killed the embryo if it wasn't well attached or something?Click image for larger version

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    After a month the egg should look red inside when candled. I think possibly this is an egg that stopped developing pretty early on. What you see inside may or may not be an early embryo. It's probably best to keep it in there till it either hatches or stinks, just in case.



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      I would keep it, just in case but it does have a yellow hue to it so watch it carefully and check smell often. Goodluck!


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        There is an embryo inside, like I said it's on the bottom of the egg and you can only see it if the egg is upside down. Since I posted this the white mold has grown into greenish mold. 😪 I put it in a separate box because I thought it might contaminate the other good eggs.


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          Hi, there is a YouTube channel called Snake Discovery and they have a video on to fix mold on snake eggs, I don't know if would work with crested gecko eggs, but it might be worth checking out. Good luck!
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