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  • Bug spray? Help!

    So we were having an ant issue at our house. My parents sprayed the problem areas and all was well. Until a couple days ago. I noticed a few in my room where they had never been before. The 6/7 of my crested geckos are kept in my room. I immediately checked to make sure non had gotten in by the geckos (they hadnt) and then figured out they were coming in by the baseboards. I looked up some things I could do with reptiles in the room and was going to pick some stuff up tomorrow.

    Unfortunately other people, wanting to be helpful after I complained, stepped in before I could. They, thankfully, remembered to take the geckos out of my room and put them in another room with the door closed. Then moved the stuff away from the wall and sprayed the baseboards and then turned on the fan and tried to leave things open to ventilate. So I didnt have a complete meltdown when I came home.

    They used Ortho Home Defense which is supposed to be ok for pets after its dried and its odorless. I waited as long as I could to put them back in my room, which ended up being a bit over 4 hours. I stepped all over the carpet and felt up the walls and nothing was wet.

    So now im crossing my fingers and hoping it was ok to use. I love my babies and i'll be devastated if something happens to them. Do you think they will be fine or should I be trying to find an emergency vet? My normal vet that I take my reptiles to wont be open until tomorrow morning.
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    If you can find a vet, I would just call them, and see what they think. No sense in panicking if you haven't seen any signs of problems. If they've been exposed, it's already happened, and all you can really do is watch for symptoms. If a week or a month goes by and you don't see anything wrong, they're probably going to be fine.

    You can try putting borax or diatomaceous earth around your floorboards to keep out ants, and those won't hurt your geckos in their tanks.
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      They were fine all night as far as I could tell. Everybody was out and moving around like normal. I spent a lot of time in my room checking in on them and watching them walk and nobody was wobbly or unsteady. Even caught one of the boys eating. Not sure how long it would take for symptoms to show but im cautiously optimistic.

      I also got to see exactly what was used. So it was a liquid with a spray wand so they were sure it only got right on that baseboard part. I guess some part of me always harping to not use perfumes and deodorants around the geckos stuck so they didnt use the can of aerosol bug spray I know they also have.

      I left a message for the vet but havent heard anything yet.
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        As long as you don't notice any unusual behavior or clear issues, I wouldn't worry. Diatomaceous earth works really well for pest control and won't effect your geckos.
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          Thanks for sharing.