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Breeding questions- pairing, breeding for temperament?

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  • Breeding questions- pairing, breeding for temperament?

    Hello. Lately I've been thinking about pairing my first geckos. AFAIK Clementine is a virgin and has been laying infertiles for me the past few months. I have three males I could pair her with. (pic below)

    Two things:
    1. Saber and Swampy are from the same breeder as Clementine (AC Reptiles) so I'm thinking there could be some shared genes there and am worried about inbreeding?
    2. Dimitri is from a different breeder and I really like him the best for her but he is extremely skittish and really hasn't calmed over the months despite my trying to tame him. Does temperament breed through in geckos? Or will babies be able to turn out to be calm adults if they're acclimated to handling from a young age? Or is every gecko different no matter what?


    Left: Saber
    Middle: Dimitri
    Right: Swampy
    Bottom: Clementine

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    It all just depends on each gecko. Even some that are held daily, from day one might not be tame.
    This is a tough one; first off, they're all very very gorgeous. My first thought was Saber. His phantom pin and light coloring paired with her would make dreamy babies (imma a sucker for phantoms and Sabers and Clementines looks). He has decent crests. Then I thought , Swampy. His crests are amazing and it'll really work well in Clementines case as her crested aren't the best in the world. Plus his full pin and he has beautiful coloring. But my oh my, Dimitri is beautiful. I love his dark tiger stripes and he doesn't appear to have any spots, therefore you'd have clean babies but his crested don't look the best.

    I think if it was me I'd choose Saber. (Or Swampy). But whoever you choose you'll have beautiful babies. Please keep me updated and post pictures of babies!
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