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Gecko egg dead?

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  • Gecko egg dead?

    So I'm new to breeding cresties. I've had these two nice large eggs since January 24, they're still incubating and are very large. The other night however, I noticed that one of the eggs SHRUNK TO HALF THE SIZE OF THE OTHER? And it was wet looking. I know eggs might sweat before hatching, so I kept an eye on it. It's been a few days and nothing has happened and the other egg is still large, do you think it died?? I'm not quite sure what to do!! Help!
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    At the end of the day, the choice to cut the egg is up to you... It does sound like the gecko inside has passed, though. Whether prior to the egg deflating, or trying to pip and not being able to. I hope that isn't the case for your little one, though! The best of luck to you.
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      To be honest I really don't know how to cut an egg!! I'm really really upset!!( If nothing happens tonight maybe I will look into it:'(