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  • Scale Discoloration?

    I recently noticed these light patches on my 1 year old's head, and she is acting normal and growing (approaching 32g now), but I just wanted to make sure that nothing is wrong. It could be that I just never noticed there patches before, but they are milky-looking and translucent, and seem a little sketchy. Her temp stays at 75F, and humidity ranges from 40%to 80% over the day, although I try to keep it between 50 and 70. She shed a of week ago and the light patches went away, but now they are coming back. I can only see them when she is fired up, as her background coloring is fairly light. Does this look like a fungal infection to you? I appreciate any feedback.
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    To be honest, it doesn't look too alarming. Gecko scales can change colors completely when they're fired up, and that sort of sounds like the case! I have a few beautiful geckos that fire up with lots of black spots, it's really quite magnificent, and nothing to worry about. 1 years old is still young, and I find that my geckos are still finding their "colors" at that age. I've had a gecko since it was a hatchling, and her colors are quite different from when she was one, they have changed over the years. But just to be safe, I would watch and monitor her (appetite, activity levels, etc.) and keep an eye on her head. It sounds like she's really healthy and she's so beautiful! I hope this helps, and I hope everything is okay with your gal.


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      looks like scar tissue to me.
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