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  • Scale Discoloration?

    I have a gargoyle gecko that I have been raising from a hatchling, and she is about a year old now. She eats repashy gecko diet and crickets. Her temp is at 75F, and humidity fluctuates from 40% to 80% over the course of the day (I try to keep it between 50 and 70) she has sphagnum moss substrate, and I clean her terrarium with chlorohexidine 1-2 times a month and spot clean when necessary. In the last month, patches of her scales have started looking a bit milky, particularly on the knobs on her head. I cannot tell if this is new, or if I just didn't notice it before. I am a little bit paranoid that it is something fungal. It is very subtle and could just be coloration, but seems a bit translucent compared to the rest of her scales. She is acting normal and still growing, but if something is wrong I would like to nip it in the bud. Does this look like an issue to you? I really appreciate any feedback.
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