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  • RIP Pazi and questions

    Hi there. Sadly my gecko Pazi died today. She was only 5 which is why this was really shocking and why I'd like some answers. She was my first reptile so of course I made some mistakes but there was never neglect.

    I usually feed her repashy every other day or every two days, but in the last few weeks I noticed she was getting thin so I put food out every day but generally it wasn't being eaten. I recently replaced the substrate with a green cloth thing from petco to stop her from eating dirt and to help with cleaning. She shed a few days ago and it seemed like a full shed. She had noticeable mites a few months ago but they went away.
    I'm willing to bet she had parasites of some sort.
    You guys are all very knowledgable. What do you think happened?

    2 follow up questions to this
    How do I clean the terrarium to disinfect it thoroughly
    Can the parasites affect me or my cats?

    Thanks. I just want to know why this happened.
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    If she wasn't eating and had a history of eating loose substrate she very well could have died of impaction. Was she pooping? What did the latest ones look like? Formed or loose? Without having a necropsy done, it's only a guess. The tank needs to be cleaned thoroughly with a bleach solution since you don't know what killed the gecko. Be sure and rinse really well too. Let it air out in the sun for several days. I would follow up with F10 as a disinfectant also. Sorry for your loss!

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      She was pooping and pretty often and they were never really lose. So I'm not sure if it was impaction.
      "Hallo kleiner Andriod, ich bin so alleine.."
      0.0.1 Crested// Pazi
      2.1.0 Cats// Stripey, Kopa, Juniper


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        a necropsy is the only way to know. everything else would just be a guess.

        as for the other questions, i would do a full disinfect with F10. since she had mites at some point, i might also use some mite spray in there.
        any parasites she may have had are most likely species-specific, or at least reptile-specific. they would be no danger to you or the cats.
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          I'm sorry for your loss! Like others have said, it's only a guess without a necropsy. But if she was eating dirt there's a possibility of impaction. Could dehydration be a problem? Was water available?
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            It is also possible that she had cancer or some other type of disease...As the others stated it is impossible to tell without a necropsy. We read that their lifespans are long, over a decade in most cases but just like in people, disease can take hold early with no reason or explanation.

            I'm sorry for your loss
            May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.