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  • Crestie weight concern

    So I posted awhile ago about my gecko being to skinny and I was told that he was fine but no im getting more worried. He (or she) will be a year old within a month or two and only weighs about 8 grams and I feel like that is very small. I understand that there is no specific growth rate but isn't that a tad underweight? He hasn't had any sudden housing changes and his food remains in the same spot (I'll post a pic where that is). How much Repashy should he be eating per night because I fill a Gatorade cap between 1/4-1/2 full of paste and I've never seen it emptied or close to gone. I've also shined a light on the tank at night and I saw him in front of the bowl and every once I a while I'll see fresh poops and urates. Today was the third time I tried feeding crickets and he finally went for it! It was amazing because he dove straight at it (it was on paper towel). So if I feed more crickets, will he gain more? Maybe one a week? Also I have so fresh figs in my backyard so what should I do to prepare them? So what do you think, skinny or just a slow grower? Should I move the feeder dish?

    As you can see the cap is covered by the bamboo
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    Appearance wise the gecko looks good to me. No hip bones or even ribs sticking out. Bugs will build the weight of a gecko up. You can feed crickets, dubia, phoenix worms too. They will eat up to a half dozen at a time. Make sure they are the right size. You might want to try another food formula like Pangea, my geckos increased food desire and weight accordingly with it. Once the gecko hits the 15 gram range it will grow much faster! For now think grow slower and solid, not fast and weak.

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      Thank you! I'll get some new food if I can. How many crickets can I feed a week? Not sure if I can get my hands on dubias or Phoenix worms.
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        Just ate another cricket and since the cricket wouldn't move after while, I put it up to his face and he grabbed it and part of my finger :o kinda scared me but didn't hurt at all. Silly little guy
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          Your gecko looks fine. I have two very slow growers as well. It's soooo frustrating but one of them has started to grow a bit more and seems more interested in the food I give. The two slow growers are really enjoying a treat each week of crickets (as many as they can eat, mine just stop when they have had enough) and that certainly has helped to increase their weight but even with the added bugs they are slow to grow.
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