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Egg has a thick fluid on it??? Help Please

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  • Egg has a thick fluid on it??? Help Please

    Last night when I went to bed I checked on my cresty eggs and all was good. This morning I looked before I headed off to work and noticed on one of the eggs there was a thick fluid on the outside. This is my first "good" set of eggs so does anybody know what that goo might be? I know it's way too early for the eggs to hatch so any ideas?? Please help

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    i don't have personal experience with this, but the most common solution i see suggested is to see if putting a piece of tissue paper on it will "patch" it and stop the leak. you might search this forum or the main board - i think you might find other similar topics.
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      I agree with jimiles95, just try wiping it off with some tissue or paper towel and leaving it for now.
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