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This poor guy is losing a foot

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  • This poor guy is losing a foot

    This baby was born Wednesday night, and last night (Friday) I discovered his toes on one foot were all twisted up and necrotic looking. I assume this is from a bad first shed. I mist them thoroughly twice a day, and this is the first in 100+ babies I've hatched out to have an acute issue with shedding. I feel awful about it, but in that short amount of time I'm not sure there was a lot I could do to help him. I gave him a warm soak with some Pedialite and tried to loosen them with a Q-tip, but it was at that point hopeless. He still gets around just fine, and doesn't at this point seem handicapped much at all.

    I just wanted to put this out there and see if others have had this happen to any of your little ones, and also to make people aware who didn't know that it can happen very quickly.

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    So sorry this happened. He (?) otherwise looks like a nice and healthy gecko (and I like his muted pattern, too). I hope he does well.
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      Thank you. Yes, he is a nice BIG baby for sure. From two red parents...I'm thinking he might look a bit like his dad:

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        Oh wow! That seems too quick to be caused by shed issues . Could it be that it was just created that way?

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          Much comfort, very sad, lot's of sympathy. I'm curios about that too JumpinJewels, it seems like two days is not long enough, so maybe it was originally created like that coming out of the egg.
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            Thanks for that. I suppose it could be possible to be born that way, but it seems to me that if there were a developmental problem, he would be born without toes rather than lose them two days later. But yes, I agree, it seems awfully fast, which is part of the reason I put this up see if others have dealt with this misfortune so soon.

            We did think of a good name for this one though, which any Game of Thrones fans in the forum might get...



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              I had a similar problem with one of my geckos. I bought him from a show for next to nothing, the breeder said he didn't catch the bad shed in time. Unfortunately I never took pics when he was little(probably 8-12 grams at the time) but he had a big ball of skin covering his right hand. After a few good sheds, it eventually fell off due to bad circulation. Now he just has a nub. Have never had a problem with him getting around or eating. Even climbs the glass, albeit a little awkwardly lol. He's one a my favorite geckos I've ever owned.Click image for larger version

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