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What is healthy weight gain?

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  • What is healthy weight gain?

    Hello, I was just curious on what is healthy weight gain for a juvi crested gecko. My girl (I think) was 8 grams back on 4/27/14. I weighed her yesterday, so almost 2 months later, and she is now 14 grams. She is a pig, I put her food in and it is almost all gone by the next morning. I give her a few crickets once a month or so. She seems healthy and is acting like a normal cresty but I was just curious on what is a healthy weight gain.

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    There's no real guide. Most go through growth spurts at around 10 grams and then seem to level off around 22 or so. It generally takes 1-2 years for a gecko to grow to adult size (30+ grams). Anywhere between that is a good number. Some geckos have been known to be faster or slower growers, and as long as they are eating healthy food, aren't sick and don't have parasites - there's generally nothing to worry about. Good luck!
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      She was weighed 9/6/14 and was 28 grams then.