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Exo Terra Electrolyte Product?

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  • Exo Terra Electrolyte Product?

    So the pet store I work for just started carrying this.

    I'm just curious as to what all of your thoughts are on this product?

    Click image for larger version

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    It seems to me it's the same as doing a pedialyte sauna.

    It seems like something you shouldn't do every day yet the instructions are not clear...just looking for any sort of feed back or thoughts on if this is a decent product and when or if it should be recommended.

    Thanks guys!
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    I think it's for dehydrated reptiles, seems good to me.
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      It would be good if they included more info on use. I'd assume its best to only use for dehydrated or undernourished reptiles as I'd worry the huge electrolyte surge would be something like red bull for reptiles.


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        Yeaaaah, I'm pretty sure they're trying to get in on the action when it comes to dehydrated reptile care. Unflavored Pedialyte works wonders for dehydrated and/or badly-injured little animals. This is probably the same thing, but more expensive.

        InventorReptiles, it's true that you should only use this sort of thing for dehydrated reptiles or reptiles in distress, but that's mainly because it's just not a good idea to introduce anything unnatural to your pet unless it's necessary. I don't think there's such a thing as an "electrolyte surge." (Energy drinks may have electrolytes, but the energy from them comes from sugars, B-vitamins, herbal extracts, etc. The only real benefit to something like Pedialyte is that when you drink a lot of plain water, it can dilute the electrolytes in your body and cause imbalances. If what you're drinking has a good balance of electrolytes in it, this "dilution effect" can be avoided.)
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          I'd stay away from this and use Pedialyte instead. This should not be recommended for daily use as advertised on the bottle. There's vitamin D3 in it, but no % analysis so you could end up overdosing your animal on D3.
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