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    Originally posted by Spyral View Post
    There is a genetic predisposition towards fathering a balanced ratio of male & female offspring, and with either more males or females. There's a recent study that shows human males with more sisters are more likely to have more daughters and those with more brothers have more sons. Females also carry these genes, but ultimately male sperm controls the X and Y. This helps balance the populations, the theory goes, because when males overpopulate, the females can easily find mates and have more offspring. Then the gene for more sons is less advantageous and shifts to the gene for more females until the cycle starts again. I would guess with such selective pressures in captive breeding we may see a swing towards males fathering more females if such a thing is heritable. More females breed than males in many collections.

    While the crested genetics appear complex, they aren't any more complex than other polygenic animals such as dogs. For example, dog breeds aren't "morphs" they are a collection of traits. A German Shepherd paired with a Poodle isn't going to produce "hets" for either breed. The puppies will be a mixture of traits depending on which features are more dominant and their likelihood of expression, such as black coat color being more dominant over other colors.
    Dang, Spyral! I freaking love your stuff! So informative.
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